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About me


Short Bio

Siria Ferrer is an emerging artist and photographer born in Ibiza, Spain. Currently based in Wales (UK), she works as a graphic designer and co-editor of VAINE Magazine, a small independent publication aimed at supporting and giving a voice to emerging writers and artists worldwide. 


During 2020, her work has been recognised and published in magazines such as Iconic Artist Magazine, PhotoVogue, Horizont Magazine, Mob Journal, Art of Portrait and The Portrait Project. Some of her photographs have been selected and chosen on several occasions as the “Editor´s Pick” for Iconic Artist Magazine. Additionally, she has obtained mentions in digital publications such as EMC Magazine and Eloquence Photo. 


She graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and subsequently with a MA in Photography. She dedicates herself mostly to artistic portrait photography, but has also collaborated with brands such as ECOSUSI Vintage, NON-NATIVE STORE or RELIÉE STUDIO, through her product photography.

Artist Statement

Siria works and researches on different topics within the photography field. 


On one side, she explores the beauty of quotidian objects to which she gives a second life in her images, interacting with them in a way that they almost merge with the body. Flowers, vases, mirrors, etc; are some of the elements that inspire part of her work, always with a common denominator: the light. 


Normally, Siria works with natural light, looking into how it falls on or even goes through objects, generating contrasts and colours that she finds interesting, to give her photography a more artistic angle. In addition, given her strong interest in fashion, she usually creates the costumes for shootings, using pieces of fabric, sheets, curtains etc… making her own unique pieces for each photograph. She uses her creativity to take original pictures that stand out. For that reason, fashion photography is one of the fields which she would like to work in. 


On the other side, we find a more personal and deep area to her work, in which she focuses on her emotional state and the impact of her thoughts in her life emphasizing the topic of “mental health”. She uses her own body as a way of expression in her self-portrait photography in which she shows all versions of herself and brings her own ideas to life. Siria defines herself as a chameleon which adapts to the environment and can change countless times without ceasing to show its essence. 

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